Welcome To College Ages Female Resource Site

There are tons of resources available to women including scholarships for higher education. There are free services offered by non-profits and most jurisdictions have local agencies that can offer help. It is important to be persistent and know your rights. A lot of times the most useful practice is to ask for help. One thing you can do today to help yourself is to start with your health. Exercise and Diet are two very important first steps to take to battle any road blocks you might face. By far one of the most important things to do is get enough quality sleep. These three things will go a long way to success in anything you do.

Starting with diet. It is a proven fact that most American’s don’t drink enough water. Try drinking two glasses first thing in the morning. This hydrates your body that has been resting for hours. It also helps to have one glass of water before you to bed at night. One glass of water with each meal gets you 6 of the 8 glasses of water you should drink every day. Daily exercise is so important to feeling great. For those who don’t like to exercise try taking a 30 minute brisk walk each day. One glass of water before or during and one after gets you to your 8 glasses per day.

The other first step to being healthy is 6 servings of fruits and vegetables. One fruit and one vegetable per meal is all that you need. Starting a meal with a fruit or vegetable is a great trick for eating less but still getting the proper amount of nutrition. If fruits and vegetables are not your thing you might want to try juicing. The newest craze is this thing called Cold Pressed Juicer.

One of the largest organization to help women in America is NOW. National Organization For Women. Go to their website and find your local chapter. There are over 500 chapters including locations in every state. Please volunteer or get help.